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Ride n Gain (RNG) Its main objective is to innovate the way we travel in taxis and to provision a business model/platform which creates stickiness ,relationships between drivers, consumers and businesses.

 Our first initiative is to introduce e-couponing in taxis which will provide benefits to passengers ,taxi driver as well as retails creating an eco-system in the industry where everyone mutually benefits by our presence in taxis.

We would like to be the connector for the different industries to bring value to the Taxi Industry,Retails and consumers. 

Our 2nd initiatives to build e-payment with a loyalty program on top of couponing which accumulates points through taxi rides. The passengers and the drivers may also use  points to be redeemed /buy goods from participating online stores or physical retail shops

When passengers travel in a Taxi, they will scan a QR code which generates a coupon , Passenger may redeem and enjoy the promotion at their fauverate shop.

We are offering great deals on services and product for you!  Keep a look out as we are constantly adding more services and products on our list.

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